Greenbank Park House

4100 sqft    |    Bukit Timah, Singapore

Singapore, a leading business and education hub in the Southeast Asia, is constantly attracting expatriates, many of whom relocate themselves and their families to the nation island. The house in Greenbank Park located near an international school, was bought by our client for the purpose of renting out, noting a healthy demand for such homes by the expatriate community.


Our client wanted a makeover for the thirty plus year old semi-detached house without making major changes to the structure of the house but a pool and garden were deemed necessary additions.


On the first storey, all redundant walls were knocked down to craft a large, open living room cum kitchen area. At the side, the original small-windowed walls were replaced with expansive glass panels that open to the garden and timber walkway outside. The pool, tiled with aqua blue mosaic, is placed at the front of the house.


The entire first storey is rendered in white, except for timber accents on several walls, doors, and areas of the open kitchen. The composition is deliberate, decidedly emphasizing an openness that is revitalizing yet calming. It is a sea-change from the dark and confining interiors of the original layout. The fluid interpretation of space and the lack of spatial definition has the large open kitchen bar-top counter as an anchor. It provides the house with functionality to host large groups of people for gatherings and the lack of walls encourage a casual informality.


The second storey is also similarly rendered in white, but with a contribution of colour and warmth in the use of timber flooring. The second storey windows were enlarged and also externally layered with a new timber sun-screen. The large windows allow for a view of the street, with the screen mediating solar heat gain and privacy while allowing breezes to pass through.


The strategies and its implementation are simple, where less is truly more.

Singapore design architect for tropical modern landed houses and residential projects