Lookbox Design Awards 2017 – Winner for Outstanding Landed Home

Forever House


16th Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Award 2016

Honourable Mention for Individual House Category: Secret Garden House


10th Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Award 2010

Design Award for Individual House Category: Enclosed Open House


10th Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Award 2010

Design Award for Individual House Category: Water-Cooled House


Finalist of the 2010 ArchDaily Building of the Year Award

House Category: Water-Cooled House


Singapore President’s Design Award 2009 – Design of the Year Shortlist

Enclosed Open House


Singapore Institute of Architects – ICI Colour Awards 2004 – Silver Award

Spa Esprit


Singapore Institute of Architects – ICI Colour Awards 2004 – Bronze Award



7th SIA Architectural Design Award 2004 – Interior Design (Commercial) Honourable Mention

Loang & Noi


Finalist in Residential Design Category in IDC / Nippon Paint “Colour My World” Design Excellence Awards 2004

Apartment @ Lincoln Modern


Singapore Institute of Architects – ICI Colour Awards 2003

Merit Award – Loang & Noi


Singapore Institute of Architects – ICI Colour Awards 2002

Gold Award – Balaclava


Wallflower was selected as one of the case studies by Ministry of Information Communication and the Arts for ‘DESIGNSINGAPORE’, an initiative aimed at developing Singapore as a leading design hub in Asia.


Wallflower’s work was exhibited in ‘SINGAPORE SEASON IN LONDON 2005’, an event named ‘Singapore Evening – SingaporEdge’. Wallflower’s work was showcased to introduce Singapore’s design and creative industry to the international community.


Wallflower’s work was nominated by the DesignSingapore Council to be featured in the 20/20 exhibition in 2005, during the inaugural Singapore Design Festival. “It features the best creative work done locally or by Singaporeans around the world. More importantly, it demonstrates how Singaporean creativity has touched the lives of many people around the world.”



“Key players that have left their mark on Singapore are… Kerry Hill, W architects… Wallflower Architecture + Design…” Singapore: An architecture & interior design overview, reported by Laura Miotto for Canadian High Commission.


“The jury calls Forever House a beautiful creation with a well-proportioned series of spaces like a courtyard, covered patios and exciting interior rooms. The jury hopes to see more of such solutions in the design industry.”

Judges’ citation on Forever House for winning the Lookbox Design Awards, Winner of Outstanding Landed Home Award 2017


“The house is well-designed and executed. The house, located in a cul-de-sac, is hemmed on all sides by equally large houses. Despite the built-up and issue of privacy, the design skillfully managed to achieve a high degree of openness and integration of gardens and roofscapes. The functions were well-placed and carefully considered, and the overall scale was pleasant.”

Judges’ citation on Secret Garden House for the Honourable Mention of the 16th Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Award 2016


‘Enclosed Open House’ + ‘Water-Cooled House’ were each presented the 2010 SIA Architectural Design Award in the ‘Individual House’ category. Held once every two years, the ‘SIA Architectural Design Award’ is the highest recognition given by the Singapore Institute of Architects for projects that excel in architectural planning and design. Wallflower Architecture + Design is the first private firm in the history of SIA to garner two Design Awards in the residential category within the same year, since the inception of the awards.


“The architect has designed the house of minimal enclosure and structure in response to the owner’s request for good environmental features. The main living room and study are located on the second storey. Essentially based on the pavilion concept, the layout enables the rooms on the second storey to be completely opened up by simply sliding the glass panels away. The glass panels also allow the owner to enjoy the maximum view of the surrounding natural environment. Locating the pool on the roof to cool the house is a strategic move. The Jury enjoys the simplicity of this work which is presented in a very clean and unpretentious manner.”

Judges’ citation on Water-Cooled House for winning the 10th Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Award 2010


“This work is an Asian-inspired design – borrowing from classical Chinese courtyard house typology. To overcome the limitation of being sited in the middle of a densely populated estate with no views, the architect has created 3 courtyards which ventilate and provide views and privacy for the residents. The Jury were impressed with the layout and the architecture which gives a quiet, calm and stately feel to the house.”

Judges’ citation on Enclosed Open House for winning the 10th Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Award 2010


“In today’s global context, there is an international style of architecture that has become quite indiscernible from country to country. Which is why I am heartened by Wallflower’s design for Enclosed Open House. While thoroughly modern, the architects have managed to imbue a distinctly Asian quality to the house that does not rely on decorative motifs or pastiche. Instead, the Asian DNA is there in the way the spaces are conceived with the notion of hierarchy that can only be attributed to Asian courtyard houses. Perhaps even more ingenious is the overlay of an axial plan that could have easily been lifted from the Forbidden City and which cleverly hint at the aspirations of the young home owners. And the sensitivity accorded to the transition of spaces from public to private have been deftly handled such that simple architectural design principles such as “sense of arrival” take on a sublime new meaning.”

Arthur Sim, Senior Correspondent – Business Times

Nomination citation of Enclosed Open House for President’s Design Award 2009


“Enclosed Open House is experiential; It is how it responds to the changing day, the environment, the rain… and how one is encouraged by the casual openness of the internal space as you walk through it. It is expressed by the light that plays into the bathroom, the living spaces. Tropicality here is perceived sensorily; it is the fresh breeze enticed into the courtyards and voids, the dappled sunlight on the skin, and architectural space that encourages it. It does not rely on complexity to tease – conversely, it is in its proportions, planning and simplicity that finds it elegant. One could sketch a plan of the house just by looking at the photographs…”

Albert Lim, Professional Architectural Photographer

Nomination citation of Enclosed Open House for President’s Design Award 2009


“This house provides ample light & space for the owner to enjoy. The design blends the outside into the inside, bringing nature & the garden closer to the house. It embraces nature by using lots of natural material and doing so, giving the house a warm & bright welcome feeling”

Ms. Lam Keng, Owner of Enclosed Open House

Nomination citation of Enclosed Open House for President’s Design Award 2009


“Robin Tan and Cecil Chee of Wallflower Architecture + Design like being on the sideline, but their award winning work is placing them firmly in the spotlight.”

Domain The Peak Selection


“Winner of two prestigious SIA Architectural Design Awards, the founders of Wallflower Architecture + Design demonstrate their innate ability to alter the perception of space.”



“Beautiful contemporary homes are nothing new, but it takes an extra spark of creativity to meet the modern needs of the people living inside. These homes of the future use sustainable design, unconventional placement or otherwise clever ideas to stand out.  Here are the best we’ve seen hit the design blogosphere in the last year

10 Contemporary and Cutting Edge Homes of the Future – Enclosed Open House.


“Wallflower creates tangible space amidst urban density”

World Architecture News – Enclosed Open House.


“Wallflower’s interpretation of a traditional courtyard house is more elaborate, establishing not one but several courtyards organised along a central axis. While in Wallflower’s plan, the axial organisation is very formal, the spaces are in fact very fluid.”

The Business Times – Enclosed Open House


“A traditional architectural structure offers a solution to the problems of modern city life.”

Dwell – Enclosed Open House


“The art of differentiation and fitting together is an important principle of architectural beauty. By staggered arrangement of rooms, for example, so that impressive viewing axes and perspective connections come into being.”

MD – Enclosed Open House


“This 21st Century adaptation of the Chinese courtyard house is a protective envelop that keeps cool in the equatorial heat.”

Prestige – Enclosed Open House


“21st Century Houses: 150 of the World Best”

Robyn Beaver IMAGES’ 21st Century Series – Enclosed Open House


“Peel back the layers and this house is gradually revealed as a green oasis – a place to escape the pressures of urban living.”

Trends – Enclosed Open House


“Wallflower Architecture perfects an open floor-plan with Enclosed Open House”



“En Singapur, la casa Enclosed Open House se abre totalmente hacia el interior, brindando sensaciones de serenidad y amplitud (Translation: In Singapore, the Enclosed Open House is fully opened inward, providing feelings of serenity and spaciousness)”

Architectural Disgest México – Enclosed Open House


“Just when you thought modern concrete boxes were taking over the landscape, along comes architectural firm Wallflower to force a paradigm shift with a design for a house that is all sweetness and light.”

The Business Times – Brizay Park House


“The house that wows.”

The Business Times – Forever House


“Far from being insular, this courtyard house opens to the sky to afford its owners an atmosphere of quiet contemplation that they crave.”

Domain – Centennial Tree House


“Introspective Simplicity: The homeowners’ love for nature and the simple things in life can be summed up in the lone tree that functions as the literal and figurative heart of this home.”

Asia Ideas – Centennial Tree House


“This suburban home is both a delight to be enjoyed in the present and an enduring architecture jewel that will continue to enchant its inhabitants in the future.”

Domain – Travertine Dream House


“…residential architecture in Singapore is setting new benchmarks, not just in the tropics but throughout the world”

Paul McGillick Sustainable Luxury – Travertine Dream House


“En Singapur, esta casa es símbolo de equilibrio entre privacidad y apertura arquitectónica (Translation: In Singapore, this house is a symbol of architectural balance between privacy and openness)”

Architectural Disgest México – Far Sight House


“This new semi-detached house pushes the envelope to maximise indoor and outdoor spaces and a great view.”

Trends – Far Sight House


“A floating staircase beckons visitors to ascend to the attic level, where they’ll be rewarded for their efforts.”

Peak – Far Sight House


“The natural material brings function and a unique aesthetic to this house.”

The Business Times – Bamboo Veil House


“A long, unwieldy tract of land is turned into a sunbathed sanctuary.”

The Business Times – Sunny Side House


“Common sense and a serendipitous coming together of site conditions lead to a perfectly resolved house by Wallflower Architects.”

Cubes – Wind Vault House


“The family grew up in homes where air-conditioning was unheard of, and this house is just like what they used to know. Indeed, on recent balmy afternoon, the house felt cool. When it began raining, the living room felt as if it was air-conditioned, but it was not.”

The Business Times – Wind Vault House


The 8 Best Architecture Firms in Singapore

Best in Singapore


“It’s been an education and a pleasure working with Wallflower and the team building our home. The thing speaks for itself. The home has surpassed our expectations and living in it this few days makes us appreciate the amount of thought that you and the team has put into planning for it. Once again, we thank you all very much for the professionalism, hard work and dedication. We appreciate it very much.”

Sunny Side House


“Thanks for being the most amazing architect!”

Greenbank Park House


“A memorable and emotive ambience…..”

Judges citation on Balaclava for winning the SIA-ICI Colour Award


“The judges were won over by Wallflower’s re-interpretation of luxury using a combination of colours and a clever selection of fine furniture.”

Architecture Asia – Balaclava


“In this commendable project, the judges are most impressed by the concept of luxury re-interpreted through colour….”

Singapore Architect – Balaclava


“If the top winners of this year’s Colour Awards are anything to go by, using the right colours is as important as coming up with the prefect design.”

The Straits Times – Balaclava


“Wallflower went for high pop art style to create a space that exudes Cold War chic.”

Wallpaper* – Balaclava


“The designer created a unique taste of elegance, class, and somewhat ‘veiled’ sobriety in this bar, hinting any private, serious conversation, confidential dealing, veiled but important identities can find its place in this comforting environment.”

Space F&B – PACE Publishing (Hong Kong) – Balaclava


“Stepping into Balaclava seemingly transports one into a filmic world.”

Within Bars & Restaurants – Balaclava


“…‘It is not the thousands of books that are read in a lifetime, but the number of times we ‘re-read’ the books that have meaning to us…’ I sense the same for its space and experience. And I will do so for Balaclava.”

ISH – Balaclava


“Balaclava is a well-finished example of the harmony between the client’s vision, resources and the architects’ own enthusiasm, reflected in their expansive and evocative ideas.”

D + A – Balaclava


“A whirlwind of an experience where time stops in motion.”

Singapore Interiors – Balaclava


“…a little mysterious and very adult atmosphere that is so rare these days.”

SilverKris – Balaclava


“…the tall ceiling may impress but it’s the smaller details that make the place…”

Home & Decor – Balaclava


“Licensed to chill; the agents of change are at it again.”

The Straits Times – Balaclava


“Defiantly exclusive, dining at Shiro becomes less about the food (excellent) and more about luxuriating in the drama of its hyperbolic interiors.”

Wallpaper* – Shiro


“The appeal of Shiro lies in the design of its details; in fact, it is the absence of what is expected that is striking.”

Within Bars & Restaurants – Shiro


“The decor is what you must see.”

The Straits Times – Shiro


“The decor a conversation piece…”

The Straits Times – Shiro


“Eating here makes you feel like a million bucks.”

The Sunday Times – Shiro


“Dining in the exclusive Shiro can be an experience akin to being at a Japanese Noh drama. Its minimalist design is its defining feature.”

The Straits Times – Shiro


“…air of exclusivity and mystery…”

The Peak – Shiro


“From the famous doorbell and locked door to the corridor of black-suited service staff, Shiro’s unique establishment was ultimate press material when it open…”

LookBook – Shiro


“everything is uber chic….”

I.S magazine – Shiro


“To be able to understand the mind of another is an advantage. To create a space using this knowledge is an unexpected gift.”

ISH – Shiro


“It is not a conventional restaurant by any yardstick.”

D + A – Shiro


“Dining at Shiro is played out on a scale of theatrical dimensions.”

Home & Decor – Shiro


“The dining room is fully draped in darkened silk, creating a theatrical environment.”

Space F&B – PACE Publishing (Hong Kong) – Shiro


“Their trademark is the off-centre feel, whether it is the hush-hush cocoon of Shiro, an upmarket Japanese restaurant in Greenwood Avenue, or the long domed gallery of Loang & Noi, a jewellery salon at Paragon.”

Singapore Architect – Loang & Noi


“Though texture, hues and lighting, a casual and relaxed ambience is created that is almost non-commercial in character. A distinct feeling of warmth is a welcome change to the common cold, glaring brightness of jewellery stores.”

Judges citation for Loang & Noi on winning the SIA-ICI Colour Award


“Loang & Noi expresses essence, rather than shouting out with loud visuals.”

Within Shops – Loang & Noi


“The complex character and raw warmth of timber is in contrast to the cool, impeccable finish of large plates of glass.”

Space Shop – PACE Publishing (Hong Kong) – Loang & Noi


“Wallflower turned a jewellery shop into an out-of-this-world experience.”

The Straits Times – Loang & Noi


“Loang & Noi is a good example of how effective lighting enhance its overall customer experience.”

Solitaire Pro – Loang & Noi


“Vastly different from the conventional walk-in jewellery store, Loang & Noi is like an art gallery….”

Building Review Journal – Loang & Noi


“…this space revolutionises the boutique concept.”

Interior Times – Loang & Noi


“…Loang & Noi is shrouded by essence rather than loud visuals.”

ISH – Loang & Noi


“By understanding the subtle processes at play in making a sale, Wallflower Architecture + Design create the prefect setting for a jewellery shop.”

Singapore Architect – Loang & Noi


“This work is very stimulating for the smooth mediation between spatial types and moods through colours. A consistent experience and thematic continuity runs in the project. The use of a base background of white with contrasting colour for a visual weight with heavy purple blue carpet is impressive. The increasing intimacy and privacy are suggested with the introduction of more colours and softer materials, fabrics, upholstery. The use of lights to render overall colour hue and saturation is commendable.”

Judges citation for Snails on winning the SIA-ICI Colour Award


“Nail the look: Snails, tinges of purple add a luxurious atmosphere to the shop”

The Straits Times – Snails


“Snails the nail spa offers an atmosphere of pristine elegance composed of the very simple colour combination, against an intriguing system of spatial ergonomics.”

ISH – Snails


“Wallflower has created an environment that alternates between soothing introspection and outward vanity”

Singapore Architect – Snails


“On several levels, this is not your typical urban spa….all of which adds up to a decidedly millennial spa experience”

Singapore Architect – Spa Esprit


“We are very pleased with the overall look and ambience you have created to these spaces, which has a timeless elegance and sophistication feels to it.”

Lana Quek, Senior Manager – Design, Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited


“Wallflower has been very responsive to client’s requirements. Wallflower’s management of site & follow-up of works are excellent.”

Foo Kim Meng, Senior Manager – Projects, Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited


“Enjoyed working with Robin & Cecil, who were very responsive & open to Wheelock’s feedback & suggestions.”

Valerie Wong, GM – Marketing, Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited


“Great teamwork!”

Stephanie Tay, GM – Marketing and Corporate Communications, Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited