2900 sqft    |    Balaclava, Singapore

The owners wanted a place that brought a level of sophistication to the bar/lounge experience in the local scene. Luxury was to be reinterpreted, and this was to permeate not just to the designed environment, but to the service and overall experience. Traditional notions were to coincide with the unexpected but the two should not be unassociated.


The concept draws on the moods evoked by a sinister elegance perceived from a romantic idea of eastern bloc embassies, where behind the Bauhaus settee, the timber panels and the anonymous silhouettes shifting along the frosted glass panels lie technology worthy of 007, with flat panel screens and infrared headphones. The painted colours range from matt black, primer red, lime white and the use of timber tone. These colours were to support the overall ambience. Further complexity created by determining the type and colour of light falling on these surfaces as well as a play of shadow and how these colours contribute to the depths of these shadows.


The Bar intends to be the hub for urbanites looking for the safe-house, the getaway from the daily milieu, a sanctuary to hide, recluse or discuss the strategies for taking over the world tomorrow.